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Sports Just for Me!

This page will link to things that I enjoy. Baseball, Football, Nascar, and Kayaking. Of course the time spent watching these events is minimal so I try to keep up with sites like these that keep me abreast of what is current and happening.

Kayaking and Paddling in general are my favorites but I can't always get out and do that so football, baseball and nascar take up the slack.

Paddling and NASCAR

NASCAR Online: Home Page: Find out all you want to about Nascar racing!
Kayaking and Paddling!: Mostly Seakayaking but other stuff too!

My Football Links

The Carolina Panthers: Can't find them on TV much here in Florida but I can follow them on the internet just fine.
Live games on broadcast .com: Listen to the games live as they happen.
CNNSI with all the info on the Panthers.: Stay caught up with what's going on with the Panthers.
Auburn Football: Follow the Tigers throughtout the season!
The Home Page for the NFL: Follow your favorite NFL team from this link.
College Football: Follow your college team from these links.

My Baseball Links

CNN/SI- Baseball: If you like the game, this is as good a place to start as any.
CNN/SI-Florida Marlins: Last year was great, this year I just cheer and hope for the best.
The Florida Marlins Official Home Page: Another site to keep up with my favorite team.
WQAM-560 AM: You can listen to the Marlins' Games Live if you have RealAudio.
CNN/SI-Atlanta Braves: My second choice to cheer for, the Braves used to be my favorite team and I still want them to win when they aren't playing the Marlins.
WSB-750 AM: You can listen to the Braves' Games Live if you have real audio.

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