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Pensacola, Florida

Hellen Caro Elementary School:
Jim C. Bailey Middle School:
Escambia County School District:
Escambia High School:
Satelite view of Hellen Caro: You can link to other satelite views of this area too!
Rochester High School, Illinois: This is the High School that my cousin Mary's children, Adam and Katy, go to.

Special needs for Special Kids

CHADD: Help with ADD!
Special Education Resources on the internet: A good starting place with a lot of links!
U.S. Department of Education: Government Resources


Florida State University:
University of Florida:
University of West Florida:
Auburn University:
East Carolina University:
Pensacola Junior College:

Educational Resources

Info Tree's Educational and Internet Resources:
NASA's Online Educational Resources:
Rice University's K-12 WWW Resource Site:
Homework Central: Help with homework!
The Looney Bin: How to be a better student!
The Research Paper site: Help with a research paper and topics!
Study Web: Find information on any subject!
The Children's Literature Web Guide: Just what it says!
Animorphs: The place to go for the very popular series.
Berenstain Bears: An Online storybook site.
Ask Dr. Math: Help with math for K-12.
Exploratorium: The Exploratorium in San Francisco.
American Historical Documents: Includes the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

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