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The Weeks in Review

The end of the School Year.

Well, school is ending and the summer is begining. The backyard pool from Wal-Mart has been cleaned out, thanks to Mom, and is ready for use. The only animals left are the dog, Summer; Sani the bird; Blue the fish; and last but not least is the cat, Zebra. Now it's time for the bay and cookouts. Everyone in the neighborhood is ready just like we are and now with the longer and warmer days, we'll all be outside visiting and enjoying the summer.

The Week Ending October 24th.

Over the last several weeks, we've seen Sugar Pop run off and finally end up with the adoption group we had been working with. The scare led us to let them keep him and just concentrate on the animals we still have. Squig, the squirrel has made the tree out front his new home, although he's fallen out of the tree several times. He likes the tree but still comes down when you call him and eats sunflower seeds in the garage where we keep food and water for him. He comes and goes as he pleases as we keep a door open for him. He brought a girl friend once but she didn't feel as comfortable as Squig and she left soon after arriving. All and all, Sani, the chickens and Summer are doing just fine!

The Week Ending September 19th.

This past couple of weeks has been very busy what with the relatives going through hurricane Floyd, so there wasn't an update last week. But in the last couple of weeks, we've grown so attached to Sugar Pop, the retired greyhound, that we think we are going to keep him. Also the squirrel is becoming so attached to Robin that he doesn't want to venture very far. All the other animals are doing just fine, the chickens have become escape artists and are getting harder to keep in the pen, and Sani is learning to fly a little. Summer is glad to have Sugar to play with and the two are becoming a team when it comes to getting into stuff.

The Week Ending September 5th.

This past week has seen Sugarpop become very comfortable with the kids and the other animals. She plays rougher with Summer than I think she should, but Summer doesn't seem to mind. Squig (the squirrel) has not only opened his eyes now but will climb all over you if given the chance. He's going to be a real cutie (not only that but he's one of the first that Robin actually saved). Sani (pronounced Saw-nee) continues to become more dear as his personality comes out more and more. The chickens are doing fine but have learned that they do not want to be out of their pen when the dogs are in the backyard. No casualties yet, but.....

The Week Ending August 29th.

This past week we decided to become a foster home for retired greyhounds. This gives them a place to go to while waiting for an adoptive family. His name is "Sugar PoP" and he is retiring after about 4 years of racing. He's been with us for a short while so far but has taken to the kids just fine and all the other animals too for that matter. Summer, our beagle, sees him as a new playmate for her, but Zebra the cat isn't too sure just yet (not realizing just how much she looks like what he used to chase when racing). Of course, Sani the bird could care less and Squig (part squirrel and part pig because of his appetite) the baby squirrel who has just opened his eyes doesn't know any better yet.
All in all, it's been pretty smooth so far. With school starting back now for the third week, things are calming right down.

Spring of 1999

At the present, we are down to two chickens, Goober and Ollie, having found a home for the rooster and the red chicken. We've just aquired a new baby cockatiel named Sani who is being hand fed for the next week till he's weened. Zebra the cat is king of the house but don't tell Summer the dog as she thinks she is. Having just passed her first birthday, Summer is now calming down some and is quite the hunter. She loves to chase squirrels but has yet to catch one.

We've been the neighborhood place to bring sick and injured animals to this past winter and spring. Not too many have made it but we keep trying. Robin plans on being a vet someday, so this is good practice. The blue jay that Robin was nursing back to health died on Thursday morning the 8th of April.

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