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                       This is the beginning of our climb up the Price Family Tree

George Washington Price                      married                     Florence Harmon
Born ?                                                                                    Born ?
Died ?                                                                                     Died ?

Children of George Washington Price and Florence Harmon Price
Perry Davis Price
Born August 28, 1883 Lexington SC
Died Sept. 18, 1940

Sam Price
Born ?

Jonny Price

Lonnie Price

Twins Earl and Pearl Price

Perry Davis Price                                   married                    Minnie IreneC Martin
Born Aug 28, 1883 Lexington SC                                          Born Oct. 1 1887 Lexington SC
Died Sept. 18, 1940                                                               Died April 26, 1965

Children of Perry Davis Price and Minnie Martin Price
Coley Eugen Price
Born Sept 6, 1911 Columbia SC
Died Feb. 3, 1994

Cleo Price
Born ?

Robert Price
Born ?

Tallie B. Price

Otto Price

Lelia Mae Price

Ethel Price
Born ?

Alma Price
Born ?

Coley Eugene Price                                 married                   Winnie Geneva Chambers
Born Sept. 6, 1911 Columbia SC      Aug 28, 1929                Born Dec 5, 1912 Waynesville NC
Died Feb. 3, 1994                                Union SC                   Died July 11, 1993

Children of Coley and Winnie Price
Inez Price
Born April 6, 1930 Union SC
Died April 6, 1930 at the age of 13 1/2 hrs. old

Eugen Price
Born March 20, 1931 Union SC
Died March 21, 1931

Edna Mae Price
Born March 17, 1932 Union SC

Ruby Lee Price
Born Dec. 6, 1933 Union SC

Mary Josephine (Brenda) Price
Born March 5, 1941 Burlington NC

Charles Arvesta Price
Born Dec. 13, 1944 Altamahaw, NC


We will continue to add to this list as information becomes available

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