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Search Helps

AJR Newslink: American Journalism Review
Alta Vista:
Music Blvd.:
Netscape People Finder:
Cigar Aficionado:
(Cigar Aficionado Sign In): If you already have and account with them.
Wine Spectator:
(Wine Spectator Sign-In): If you have an account with them.
The Internet Smokeshop: A good place to buy cigars at a good price.


News Sites and Hometown Newspapers

CNN: Where I usually start!
CNN Quicknews: Use this when time is short!
USA Today: A good cross section for all interests.
Dave Voiles' Personal News Site:: Just for my own use, includes everything I'am interested in.
Sun Journal:: New Bern's daily paper.
Times-News:: Burlington, NC's daily paper.
Pensacola News Journal: My Hometown newspaper with other stuff on Pensacola, Florida.
The Plainsman:: The Auburn Student Newspaper.
East Carolina University:: ECU's student paper.
Myrtle Beach Sun News::Myrtle Beach's daily newspaper.
KLAS-Channel 8::Las Vegas Channel 8 On-Line.

Other Links to more News Sites!

The New York Times:
The Wall Street Journal:
The Washington Post:
The Miami Herald:
The Atlanta Journal-Constitutional:
The London Daily:
Time Magazine:
ABC News:
CNBC-The Leader in Business News:
Entertainment Weekly:
Consumer Reports:
Best Consumer Guides:

Columnists of Interest

Robert Novak: Chicago Sun-Times
George Will: National Voices On-Line
Op-Ed Columns Archives: The New York Times
Editorials and Opinion Columns: The Washington Post

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