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Animals and Nature

Animal Planet:
Jack Hanna and Company:
Pets Welcome: A searchable database of places to stay while traveling that take pets.
The Net Vet Live-Online:
Animal Network: A wonderful site for anyone with animals.
All about Parakeets: Information on caring for and choosing a bird.
Sea World Animal Info:
Discovery Online:
The Nature Company:

Spice Girls and TY Beanie Babies

TY The Offical Home of the Beanie Babies:

Robin and David's Interests

This page is for Robin and David. They are just starting to get interested in using the computer to find out about things that interest them. It is a very useful tool for discovering a whole world of subjects. The links on this page just barely begin to cover the many items that they are becoming curious about. Presently they are interested mainly in their animals, nature, reading, and last but not quite least, the Spice Girls and TY Beanie Babies.

Reading, Stories, and Activities

The Bumps: Your Guide to Goosebumps!:
True Stories of the Bizarre and Paranormal:
Ghosts: The Page That Goes Bump in the Night:
Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page:
Hyperhistory Storyline:
Adventure Learning Network:
Nickelodeon!: Web Site for Families:
Schools and Homework Help: For help with homework and other interesting subjects!

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