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Our family homestead, built in 1840.

My Grandfather, "Grover Lewis Hopkins" was a tobacco farmer in Burlington, N.C. Alamance County.

*Earle (Erle) Hopkins
Born (?)
Died 1796/7 according to records of  Guilford Co. NC
     Children  of Earle
      - Jonathan
       -Lydia (Lyddy)
     *-Thomas - born about 1775 in Talbot Co. MD
       -Mary Joshua
       -Rachel - born about 1782 in Maryland (ROC - 1850)

*Thomas Hopkins' children were listed in his will:
       -Elizabeth born about 1800 probably in Rockingham Co.
       -Aidy (Ada) born 1802 Died June 13 1893
       -Lucinda (Louisiana) born about 1803
       -Martin P. (not listed in will) - tradition holds he was the twin of Lucinda
       -James Earl - born Oct. 15, 1804  died April 15, 1843
       -William Pleasant born Aug 27, 1806
       -Rachel (not listed in will) family tradition - born 1808
       -Alexander Joyce born 1810
       -Mary Ann (Polly) born about 1812
       -Thomas A. born Oct 5, 1814
       -Susan, born 1811

The children of James Earl were listed as:

       *-Martin Pinkney, born May 16, 1832 in Guilford Co. - dided June 25, 1901
         married first Mary Jane Diamond and second to Sarah Jane Christman
         -James Earl- born Dec 19 1834
         -David Lawson, born Jan 6, 1836
         -Sarah A. (Susan, Susianna) born Jan 10, 1842

The children of Martin and Sarah Jane Christman were:
       *   -Grover Lewis
            -Orbin Carr
            - Louis
I do not have dates of births on any of these. All the children were born in Alamance Co. NC

Children of Grover Lewis and Dessie Morene
          *-Davie Carr
            -Grover Lewis, Jr.

An old family picture

My mother and father

We will continue to update our Hopkins page as information becomes available.


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