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This Page is for Denise's Mom and Dad

These links are just the beginning. With their new computer, they are just starting to surf the web and with a little practice, they will do just fine.

Just let us know what kind of links you want and we'll add them to this page or even make more pages for you.

Enjoy and surf-away!

Rummy's John Deere Page: A good start for someone who collects John Deere tractors.
The WWW Virtual Library for Gardening: Lots of links and information.
Chambers Family Queries: Didn't know if this would interest ya'll or not.
Times-News Online: The Burlington, NC daily paper.
CNN-Quick News: A fast way to keep up with the news of the day.
Pranks: Some funny things people do for laughs.
Discover Turkey: Things to know about so when we talk with Russ, we understand what he's talking about.

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