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Genealogy -- Denise's Interest!

My interests in the Hopkins family genealogy started when my husband, Dave, got this computer. After several hours at the keyboard, I was hooked. My family is currently in Alamance County, North Carolina. My searches have confirmed some family stories and this has just made me more determinded to find out all I can about my history.

Sites I've had success with!

Welcome to the Hopkins Clearing House: This site is my favorite!
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet: This site got me started!
Online Genealogical Database Index: I've used this one a lot too!
RootsWeb Mailing Lists - Interactive Search: A good one to use to continue your quest!
North Carolina USGenWeb State Page : Where I started getting serious.
Rockingham County, NC Genealogy: Close to Home
Alamance County NC Genealogy: Home for my family
Alamance County, NC Query Forum Message Index: To Post for help from others

My start of "The Search"!

Hopkins: This area is under construction. I will continue to update and improve as time goes on.
Chambers Family: This is my Mom's mother's family.
Price Family: This is my Mom's father's family.
Paradise Beach
Perdido Bay, FL

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