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                                  This is our start up the Chambers Family Tree

Joe Chambers                                       married                     Martha Green
Born?                                                                                     Born ?
Died ?                                                                                     Died

Wesley Corbett Chambers                     married               *  Ellen June Parton
Born July 14, 1868                                                            Born July 14, 1878 Haywood CO NC
Died Jan 11, 1953 Haywood Co.                                       Died Aug 24, 1954

Winnie Genenva Chambers                     married                Coley Eugene Price
Born Dec 5, 1912  Waynesville NC                                    Born Sept. 6, 1911 Columbia SC
Died July 11, 1993                                                              Died Feb 3, 1994

*Ellen June Parton was the daughter of Joe Parton (Ireland) and Catherine Justice

We will continue to update this information as our Family comes across information.

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at

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